Analisis Systems

Our analsis systemns where developed, constructed and build with the best care in our house. Beside the standard equipment, we are producing also individual adapted measuring systems and concepts für your case of application. The analysing time of our systems amount basicaly 5-30 minutes.


meta GC-PID all ionizable compounds with an ionization potential higher or equal 10.6 eV. or 11.8 eV.
meta GC-TID volatile hydrocarbons (VOC)
meta GC-FID all inflamable compounds selective
meta GC-WLD (TCD) depends on the thermal conductivity

all ionizable compounds with an ionization potential higher or equal 10.6 eV. or 11.8 eV.

Summen FID

all inflamable compounds in total

Gas measuring system

Permanent-gas measurement of:

carbon dioxide  CO2 0,5-100 Vol.-%
methane CH4 0,5-100 Vol.-%
hydrogensulfide H2S 0,2-100 vppm
oxygen O2 0,5-50 Vol.-%

Measuring point switch

Adaption for higher need of measuring points. Increase up to 64 measuring points. Relais and alarm settings for each measuring point.


Gaschromatographical evaluation and steering software with multi-point calibration, grafical diisplay and data transmitting and safeing via online access.

Sampling Systems

Soil gas sampling according to VDI 3865 and water sampling LHKW according to DIN 38413-2 and BTEX according to DIN 38409-9.

Product portfolio meta Messtechnische Systeme GmbH
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Cabintet Systems - individual matched

Because of the combination of our analysis systems are we able to work out exactly matched cabinet systems for your measuring propose. Individual and flexible do we integrate our process analytical know-how into your production-process

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