Gas measuring system

meta GMS4 - gas measuring system

The meta GMS4 is a measuring system with max. 4 sensor channels. With help of the meta GMS4 permanent gases can be detected and monitored online. In case of exeedance, of in our software (metaControl) before settet limits, can be released various switching operations. All measuring datats will be safed.

Detection limits

carbon dioxid  CO2 0,5-100 Vol.-%
methane CH4 0,5-100 Vol.-%
hydrogen sulfide H2S 0,2-100 vppm
oxygen O2 0,5-50 Vol.-%

Accuracy 2% of the measuring range end level

(all sensors)



Supply voltage: 230 VAC/50Hz
Power supply: 60W

0-90 % rel. moisture,

not condensing

Temperatur range: 0-40°C
Protection type: IP 20 / DIN 40050
Protection class: 1
Envrionmental conditions: dust free
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