Measuring point switch

meta MSU - measuring point switch

The measuring point switch meta MSU will be combined with a meta GC and/or with a meta GMS4 to increase the number of measuring points (up to 64 measuring points). Theconnections are designed for sample gas lines with 6x4 mm. Furthermore provides the system potential free outputs which can can release for example alarms and switching operations if there are limit transgressions or subordinations. If you wish we integrate a PC directly into the system.


Supply voltage: 230 VAC/50Hz
Power supply: 60W
Moisture: 0-90 % rel. Feuchte; nicht kondensierend
Temperature range: 0-40°C
Protection type: IP 20 / DIN 40050
Protection class: 1
Envrionmental conditions: dustfree
Version: 19“ Rack or table-housing with 3 RU
Dimensions: 480 x 135 x 400 mm (W x H x D)

approx. 4 kg


Compatible with:

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