Measuring technical treatment assistance

Our measuring systems are suitable for measuring technical treatment assitance with in the environmental and treatment branch. Therefore you as a treatment company can profit of our virtually continous monitoring. In close consultation with you do we develop a measuring concept and recommend the suitable systems for your application. We set up the system, we supervise it and you get an online-access for the actual values. in additon you´ll get a frequent overview of past results. We offer the systems as service, therefore you dont rent the system and have not insurance risks.


According to agreement do we set up an online access to all measurment data. The access happens user specific. Thus makes you able to comprehend the imission and emission from far away


With an mainframe do we provide the actual measurmetn results for you on site. The displayed results could be used immidiately on the construction site. Limit exceedings and limit subordinations will visualized optical.  



To limitate the environmental harm and for better comprehensibilty are weather data imperatve. We record for you relevant parameter to ensure a better interpratation of the measuring results. 

individual care

Flexible and in arrangement with you do we set up the system and maintain it. This includes the periodical calibration , the change of consumption gas and the transplant of hte system.

Example: 2 measuring circuits incl. Visualization & alarming (BTEX, permanent gases)

Rental service

We rent the meta BLPS 404 and a huge varity of portable measuring systems for personal care or for spontanous measurments. Pleas contact us. Also our process-gaschromatographs are available for rent, after a instruciton of one of our colleague.

Soil gas sampling system

Please contact us at least one week before. So we can provide the meta BLPS 404 for your sampling task.

Portable measuring systems

Portable systems for gas analysis or determination of total LHKW, BTEX and other compounds. We are happy to reserve your desired period.  

Analysing systems for rent

According of availability and agreement we are able to rent also our online porcess-gaschromatographs against a introduction. Pleas contact us.

Radon meter RTM 2200 Soil Gas

Radon soil gas measurement according to DIN EN ISO 11665-11. Practical in a mobile transport case - battery operated. Logging function and evaluation/export on the PC possible.

Datasheet RTM 2200
PDF-Dokument [378.4 KB]
Manual RTM 2200
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Manual Software dVISION
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