Research, Development & Training

Because of our network of contacts to parnter companies and our expierience in the field of environmental analytic do we work with enormous passion for research and development task for industrie and researchfacilities. one ofe our coworkers were involved into the, form deutschen Dundestiftung für Umwelt supported, research and development project as well as on the development of the VDI-Guidlines VDI3865 and VDI3897. In the year 2008 recieve colleagues of meta Messtechnische Systeme GmbH the Prof. Adalbert Seifriz award (german). Do you have interest in a R&D-project please contact us. 


Together or as a single research do we edit with pleasure your scientific assignment.


You want to develop new or further system? Please contact us. We are open fo innovations.


In continous intervals do we hold in cooperation with the Umwelt-institut Offenbach lectures. Details for dates do you find on the site of the Instituts.

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